Untold Story Behind Social Media

Untold Story Behind How To Use Social Media

To Grow Your Businesses 

By: TyLoba 

(Part 1)

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Today, we will attempt to demonstrate to you this study evaluated reviewed of more than 5,000 advertisers with the objective of seeing how they’re utilizing on-line networking to develop and advance their organizations. On the accompanying pages, you’ll find out-more: Please follow us on Facebook and subscribed to gain the basic information on how to start and improved on your business. To pick up the fundamental data on the best way to begin and enhanced your business ideas.

  • The top social media questions marketers would Not answered: We reveal the big Questions marketing pros would Answer about social media. WHY?
  • The time commitment: We examine the weekly, Hours marketers invest in their Social Media Efforts. This analysis will be helpful for marketers just getting started or those seeking support staff. THE HOW?
  • The benefits of social media marketing: This section of our study reveals all of the major advantages marketers are achieving with their social media efforts. We Also look at how weekly time invested and years of experience affect the results.
  • Most-used social media platforms: Discover which platforms marketers are THEY Using and how their usage will change this year. We also examine which Platforms experienced marketers are using.
  • Social media networks WHAT people want to learn more about: In this section, we

Reveal the social platforms that marketers are most interested in learning about.

  • Content Marketing $ other analyses: We also examine the role of content marketing in social media, Video marketing, live video, paid social media, how marketers respond when new networks emerge, and how bloggers republish their content. In addition, we take a look at how business-to-business (B2B) companies differ from business-to-consumer (B2C) companies.

How to use this report: Regardless of your experience with social media marketing, There’s something here for you. If you’re a beginner, take a look at the following: Time Commitment, benefits, and platforms that your peers are using. If you’re experienced with social media, compare yourself against other marketers, see Which platforms they’re looking at next, and determine whether you’re achieving the Same benefits as your more experienced peers.

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Finally, Here are some quick summary of our primary findings that may help you:

  • Video has become essential: A significant 60% of marketers use video in their Marketing and 73% plan on increasing their use of video.
  • Live video is hot: A significant 50% of marketers plan on using live video services such as Facebook Live and Periscope, and 50% want to learn more about live video.
  • Facebook and YouTube hold the top spots for future plans: At least 63% of marketers plan on increasing their use of these social networks.
  • Snapchat is on a growth trajectory: Only 5% of marketers are using Snapchat, yet 16% plan on increasing their Snapchat activities and 28% of marketers want to learn more about Snapchat.
  • Facebook is the most important social network for marketers by a long shot! When asked to select their most important platform, 55% of marketers chose Facebook, followed by LinkedIn at 18%. Plus, 67% of marketers plan on increasing their Facebook marketing activities.
  • Many marketers are unsure about their Facebook marketing: A significant 40% of marketers don’t know if Facebook traffic has declined in the last 12 months and 35% aren’t sure if their Facebook marketing is effective.
  • Facebook ads dominate: A surprising 86% of social marketers regularly use Facebook ads, while only 18% use Twitter ads.
  • Tactics and engagement are top areas marketers want to master: At least 90% of marketers want to know the most effective social tactics and the best ways to engage their audience with social media. The above summary is just a taste of what’s in this report. On the following pages, you’ll find 90 charts that visually convey some fascinating findings. For example, we look at which social networks are used by those who invest the most time in social media marketing, the benefits achieved by those who’ve been at this for years, how marketers respond to new social networks, and how bloggers republish their content.

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